Makeup for Air Stewardess

Are you a Stewardess?

Or do you dream of being one and preparing for the Air Stewardess interview?

Going for the Stewardess Interview can be nerve racking & challenging.
You know that there will be hundreds of girls at the interview
aiming for the limited positions available.

This is why we are here to help u achieve the look
every Air Stewardess have and make you Feel Good & Confident
to get you through the interview.

The job of an Air Stewardess is very demanding.
You have to look Approachable, Proper & Confident for LONG hours.
At times, there is minimal time for putting on your makeup and
you have to make sure your makeup stays fresh for the Whole flight.

Our Professional Makeup Artist Trainers are Highly Trained and Experienced.
Let us create a Confident & Professional look for you that suit your Work & Lifestyle.

With our Fast, Simple & Up-to-date makeup techniques,
You will be able to achieve the lasting look you need for every flight with minimum time.

Allow us to help you create the right Style for you Now!
For Makeup Course Outline >>> Contact Us Now!

We provide you the most FLEXIBLE makeup course
Where you can choose what Make up skills you Wish To Learn & at your Preferred Timing.

We put our hearts into teaching and listen to your needs.
Our makeup classes are a Small class of 1 to a Maximum of 4 students
because we want to Focus on You!

You can Personalize your own course with:

1. Japanese – Korean Makeup & Hairstyling

2. Smokey Eyes Makeup

3. Single Eyelid Makeup

4. Learn How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

5. Learn How to Cover your Birth Mark

6. Fashion Celebrity Makeup

7. Big Eyes Look with Dolly Makeup

8. Retro Makeup

9. Dark Gothic Makeup

10. Nude & Natural Makeup

11. Bollywood Celebrity Makeup & more…

Our students come from All over the World: Singapore, Australia, US, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines.

From our Lovely Students:

“Hi, Thanks for Make up. I LIKE it!”Yukari, Japan

“Thank you very much. We enjoy our Lessons!”Joanne, Singapore

“I look Great, thank you!”Amanda, Australia

“Thanks so much for teaching me how to make up.
Today my supervisor n colleagues praised me for my 1st Trial.
So at least motivate me to continue in the future!”SC, Singapore

At the End of the Course you will Know:

1. Which color foundation is most suitable for you (eg. yellow, pink, green, purple, beige)

2. Eyeshadow colors that Brighten up your Eyes and colors that make your eyes look small & puffy

3. How to Hide/Conceal your Imperfections (eg. dark eye-circles, dark spots, pimples & scars)

4. How to Enhance your best Features and Shape your Face.

5. Recommended cosmetic & skin care brands for your skin texture and color

6. How to Transform your Day makeup to a fun Night out makeup

7. Suitable Hairstyles & Lengths for your Face shape & Style (our hairstyling course only)

Do you have a Group of Good Friends or Close Colleagues
who you wish to have Fun and Learn Make up together?
Contact Us Now, let us Organize a Group Makeup Workshop for You & Your Friends!

Sign Up for our Make up Course NOW!!
Look Fabulous Everyday!

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